How do I join this crazy gang?

How do I become a Gangster?

All dogs (and their humans) are welcome!  It’s easy and free to join.  Here’s how:

Step 1:  Begin tagging all of your Instagram posts with #normansgang.

Step 2:  Follow @normanthewheaten and @therealprincesstuck.

Step 3:  Send a direct message to @normansgang requesting membership, and a request to follow.

Step 4:  Please be patient!  We often have a waiting list, and we consider each request carefully.  This is to ensure all our members are valid dog accounts, not Spam. Wait times may take between two to eight weeks from the time you first request membership to the time your profile is posted.

Step 5:  When you are cleared to join, you will receive a DM with a link to fill out your Gang member profile and a request from @normansgang to send them a profile image and some fun facts.

Step 6:  Once you complete your profile and send in your photo and details, we will post your official IG profile on the @normansgang page and give you your member number. That means YOU ARE IN like a dirty shoe!  And, in our eyes, dirty shoes are AMAZING!

Step 7:  You will be assigned to a mini group of about thirty accounts, managed by a Norman’s Gang Ambassador.  Your Ambassador will help you get connected and make sure you have all the information you need to get the most out of Gangster life.