Who are we? 
Norman’s Gang was created in January 2017 by a group of dog lovers on Instagram, who used a silly hashtag to support a sick pup and his family.  Since then, we have continued to connect people through shared images and stories, laughter and tears, mostly through the eyes of our four legged friends. Through these connections, Gangsters have found a place full of kindness, love, information, advice and a purpose bigger than ourselves.

We have executed two worldwide holiday gift exchanges. We honor all of our senior dogs, post hashtags to support families going through rough times, use the power of our network of Gangsters and followers to aid dogs and causes in need, and help many others behind the scenes with no announcements necessary.  And all of this pales in comparison to the support and love we give to each other every single day.  Oh yeah, and did we mention the whole laughter thing?
In April 2019, we incorporated ourselves as Norman’s Gang Inc. in the State of Delaware.
ALL dogs (and their humans) are welcome.  Click HERE to join.

​We currently have over thirty volunteers helping to run the Gang and its programs, including Ambassadors, contributors to THE HOOD, designers of birthday cards and contest gifts, marketing gurus, organizers of programs like Senior Appreciation week, lawyers and a CPA.
What is an Ambassador?
In May 2019, as Norman’s Gang continued to grow exponentially, we felt that it was important to ensure that Gangsters stayed connected in an authentic and organic way.  We created the Ambassador program to keep everyone feeling like they are part of a small community, even within a larger organization.  Ambassadors not only help to welcome new Gangsters, but also continue to create a bond among their members and disseminate and collect news and information.  Each Ambassador has a mini group of about thirty accounts, with its own group name and hashtag.  Mini group members are encouraged to post using their mini group hashtag as well as #normansgang.

Join Our Team
If you have a special skill, would like to be an Ambassador or just want to get more involved in the Gang, CLICK HERE or send a DM to @normansgang.